Modern Warfare 3 Beta, Confirmed?

Seem’s like Steve Fukada had a little score to settle before he left Infinity Ward in April 2010. Although this is not officially confirmed, we can’t help but look at the screenshot that he has leaked in suspense. Will we soon be playing Modern Warfare 3 Beta? Only time will tell.


Hopefully it can get leaked and we can play it ;D

Wow.Me and Newsbot both posted at the same time -.-

Thats awful, they can do better than that!

Yay so excited lmao!

I highly doubt there will be a public beta, if there is a private one on Xbox Live for developers then I’m sure it will be leaked :smiley:

I actually managed to post the news story successfully, go me! :thumbsup:

Here is a bigger version of the screenshot.

I say this is fake. If you look on the right side you see it says locked till level 5 and hes over matchmaking. How can you play if you can’t get into a match till level 5? If it is real well I can’t wait then.

The “*” is next to Barracks and Create a Class, Find Match. :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t matter. Which cod game says its locked till when you aren’t hovering over it?

Where the **** is titles and embles gone ohh

it looks fake to me#

if it is a beta better be good…

a"beta" one…
It clearly says the one ones with * are locked.

ALSO. if you haven’t unlocked it, You CANT hover over it. So its like a legend. things marked with * are locked till level 5

It looked real until the point Chris was making. It does look fake after reading that. It does seem pretty stupid to keep ‘* locked unitl level 5’ there when whatever it is pointing towards isnt being hovered over.

Actually you can hover over it in every other cod game. Once you move over it then they have it pop up saying you can’t select it till level " ". Also hasn’t create a class been level 4 since cod4? I don’t understand why change that all of a sudden.

its a beta. They might just be changing it to see what its like. But I Still dont believe that this is real.

It doesn’t look real. why is “find match” locked until level 5?? Plus I would think they would have more menus…

>.> read the last posts. and its a beta. might only be a multiplayer beta?

Read the other posts…

you should do so aswell…