Modern Warfare 3 -Clan Tag "Button" Glitch TUT

Here are the codes:

MÁB = B button
MÁA = A button
MÁD = Y button
MÁC = X button
MÁF = RB (Right Bumper)
MÁE = LB (Left Bumper)
MÁS = RT (Right Trigger)
MÁR = LT (Left Trigger)
MÁQ = RS (Right Stick)
MÁP = LS (Left Stick)
MÁN = Start button
MÁO = Back button
MÁT = Dpad up
MÁU = Dpad down
MÁW = Dpad right
MÁV = Dpad left

ALSO: MÁj = space (Using this will disable games, which means when you are joining a game it will say the server is 1.1 so it does only work in pre-game lobby)

After inserting the code delete the M and let the BOX be there and click ok so then you will have a button.

Warning: You might get banned for this DO THIS ON YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY



EDIT 1: you dont need to put the M or any other letter in the beginning.

You will not get banned from this thats bs.

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