Modern Warfare 3 Founder Camo

I haven’t seen anything about what it will look like, anyone have any guesses that they would like to share about what it might be?

Where have you heard this info from?

There isn’t any info? He’s asking what people think it will look like or if they’ve got any pictures/videos.
OT: There hasn’t been anything released about it yet I don’t think, although, I could be wrong.

I would like the ability to make my own camo like you need to link up your account to the mw3 site and you can make your own camo or upload your own pictures which will be put on your gun

There was something like that on Rainbow Six: Vegas. When you got to the rank of Elite I think it was, you could choose 2 colours to have on your gun. It was teh sex.

I found this.

Straight from the Elite website

I’m pre ordering the hardened edition for mw3, i didn’t know you could pre order Cod: Elite tho :S.

Better off to just pre order the hardened edition, you save 10 on Elite and you get other bonuses too.

you got elite for a year with hardned…

Open Me

Im guessing to get founder you had to be in the beta? So it won’t really be founder?

you get founder camo if you have CoD Elite Premium so pretty much just pre order the hardened and your good

Is it for premium or if you pre-order the game and then get a code for it?

You get founder only if you pre order the Hardened edition.

yea ive pre-ordered the mw3 xbox that comes with mw3 hardened and i had the same questions does founder status come with the elite you get in hardened and yes it does make sure you save your receipt

Lol that’d be a bad idea. With all the guys that think it’s funny to have a penis emblem (tee hee, penis) it’d be just like Black Ops

MW3 - 0

BF3 - 3

I would have to guess the founder camo is a giant penis on the gun.

I pre-ordered it. Hopefully GameStop doesn’t **** up and give me the wrong game again. If they do. Imma be sooo pissed

Lol 2 different types of games and you’re trying to compare. bf3 is more of a realistic type of game. mw3 isn’t a realistic game. So there’s no point to compare, because all people do is say how mw3 and cod series is the same game over again and they start talking about how bf3 is more of a realistic game.

Get off this post. It wasn’t about comparing games or how great mw3 or how bad it will be it was speculation about a camo, there is no reason to post about bf3. If you hate the cod series, get off their forums you post *****.

Obviously. Thats why I said you save $10. Let me do the math for you so you understand tho.
Hardened. Mw3 itself costs $60. Elite costs $50. thats $110. hardened costs 100. You save the $10 and you get a few extra bonuses. There for if you plan on getting elite, it makes more sense to just get the hardened edition of the game.

You don’t have to be in the beta to get founder, just pre-order mw3 hardened or buy elite by I believe i read the 13th of november. Being in the beta doesn’t assure founder status either tho.