Modern Warfare 3 : Wallhack in public match

Credits : XeAngel

  • here if you still wont believe me then watch this :

He real time edited his rank, and there is proof.

This could be fake; it could be made in a private match. Tell the guy who was supposedly modding to record his screen and post that on Youtube.

Ask him, if he can give me the Download Link! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well its up to you to decide what you believe. i cant really give anymore proof.


Lol, why, eh?
Is it fake or what?

i can record hd if you let me in on this :wink:

skype me: r.hyme

What if he has someone on the other team telling him where the people are?

Just use Windows Movie Maker to make it 1080p HD! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks legit but no one will believe you if there’s no other proof like a video from his POV or something cause there could be all kinds of ways that he’s knowing where they’re coming from but that’s just my two cents lol.


It’s ovbiously not real. notice how he wont show the radar.
He probably either is in a private match or has a advanced uav.

Thats HC SnD in public match.

Because of the leachers, obviously.

If that is an aim bot then i’m Betty White

Also why not just upload through the theater? They are both shorter than 30 seconds

Am I missing something? I see no aimbot.

im getting better quality video soon.

Could Be Real but also could be fake . Wish it was Def. Real cause that would mean the JTAG Online world would be around the corner for the world ! Miss those days

If it were a real aim bot, it would get a head shot ALMOST every time.

Not sure why you think that. There is nothing indicating this is jtag

Since all of the noobs are complaining about this… i am uploading video where he is Real Time Editing his rank. wait a sec

I just Lol’ed.

maybe he just has the aimbot only and tries to hide the fact its a jtag to make people actually think it isn’t. not saying that thats the case but could happen hah