Mods with LastGen Consoles

I got a few ideas to make better the community and to gain more visitors. Maybe we need something new like Mods for PS4 or Xbox One. I think that this is maybe hard but please comment to make the managers hear us.

It’s currently impossible to mod the Xbox one or PS4

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Don’t worry, I was just asking and thanks to reply

Actually PS4 can now accept Jailbraking… if I’m correct.

Well, a little kid was able to hack the Parental System from Microsoft so i think that this is possible but in a year or 2

Before i leave i have a question. INFINITY has support with Ubuntu ?

No. Only windows is supported.

Thanks for you reply. :smiley:

People have been very quiet about. Might be fake.

If the comments on a youtube video is to be trusted the jailbreak is connected to the linux thing from earlier. Again, seems fishy so few people are talking about it.

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I have followed that YouTuber since he had less than 20 subscribers. Now he has thousands. Not one time have I thought he was misleading or felt any of his videos showed false content. I have even put some of them into practice with successful results.

I understand some concerns though that people may have. Ultimately it’s up to yourself what you believe. Time will tell what is true or not.

The PS4 has been jailbroken, mod menus have happened, however, we have no intention of creating any mod tools for the PS4.