Mom Wont Let Me Get A Jtag :(

Hey XboxMb, I recently found a JTAG on thetechgame and I have the money for it, one problem my mom wont let me buy it. My dad is fine with it, so the only thing stopping me is my mom,does any body have any suggestions on how to convince her that it is fine? She already knows what a jtag is (I explained it to her)

Tell her your buying something else and get the jtag instead?

Dude… No one will care.

Sorry you can’t get one :confused:

OT: Tell her is will start a new career for you in coding, make up something creative, so she will believe that you ain’t just wasting your time on xbox :3

Just say it is a new Xbox and your current isn’t working as well as you want it to.

She wont fall for that because she would know, she looks over the pay-pal statements and my dad would probaly tell her:P

Tell her it’s your money, and you’re going to buy it.

She woulld be excited if my xbox stopped working. She hates xbox.:cry:

Just tell your parents to be a bro and help you out.

I have tried that 1 million times:|

Don’t buy a pathetic J-tag. Go out and buy yourself something for yourself, something that will benefit you with the outside life. Get some new clothes, shoes, etc… I prefer clothing over an modified Xbox any day. Clothes equal looking nice and gets you places. Hell you could spend that money on getting license and such. Don’t waste your time doing something that won’t benefit you in anyway.

I wish it was that easy:(

My mom was liek this for some time the thing that helped me is i walked in on her when she was eating a sandwhich and slapped it out of her hands then showed her my nutsacks and said im a man because i have hair on my balls and proceeded to buy the jtag infron of her face. I WAS NOT STOPPED :smiley: this might work for you :stuck_out_tongue: .(it was with my own money as i had earned it myself working so yea…)

:worried: I am now scared of you…

This isn’t funny, So If you were trying you failed…

Awww poor baby… WORK to get one.

Iam only 14, I can not do real jobs, I do chores and yardwork for family and friends etc…

When I was 14 years old I was happy with my damn N64, didn’t need a crappy JTAG on those days

I still < 3 meh n64:|

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Your just going to have to suck it up :smile: