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Monitor 24 inches vs 27 inches [gone sexual] oink oink


Hello guys! I need your guidence…

Problem in hand: Want to get another monitor, I can get a Curved 24´´ and a Straight 27´´ , we all now a curved one gives more pleasure, or so i heard, is more immersive others have claim, but maybe is too little to even feel it.

Details: I sit in a unhealthy distance of 30/25 centimetres from the monitor, a little closer if im the last person alive in a coop, and price of both monitors is the same…almost.

What would you choose? Remember i sit close to the PC since im a short sighted pig.


24" and curved is stupid. I can’t recommend one without knowing the exact specs. If you get a 27" are you going to give up 144/240hz? So basically post links to the monitors you are looking at.


Or you can save a lot of money by just getting some damm GLASSES.


yeah i think is too little to notice any pov difference, gonna look for them, i saw them in a internal web of a importer

@ptondo glasses are uncool and i get bullied when using them :frowning:


Hay look at this one hell of a deal. Quit acting like such a pig all the time


need to buy from the importer, is like us$200 :stuck_out_tongue:
also not sure how long they will take to ship me that monitor to latam


Depends on how curved it is. I have a straight 24’ and it is plenty big, 27’ works fine too. At only a distance of 30cm away from the screen though I think 27’ would just be too big.’

And get glasses, they are very cool and people are just jealous (at least my mom says so).


i’d go with a 27 inch 4k monitor, but a 27 inch 144 hz 1080p is also good.


This are the ones, if Snakes mom is alright with glasses then i will use them :stuck_out_tongue:
@Kalfax both are 1080p, i have a nvidia 1070 dont wanna push it too hard on it hehe


i have a 27 inch 4k monitor, it was like 360 bucks or something, a samsung also. im very happy with it :stuck_out_tongue:
edit: the ones that spray mentioned are good tho. :slight_smile:


indeed :3 i cant play with 4k cause i will have to lower the graphics and that means i wont be welcome into the supreme master race clan anymore…

i went for a regular 24, need one moar and will have full view :smiley: maybe some day