MONSTER HUNTER RISE Cheats and Trainer for Steam

YES PLEASE!!! This would be amazing. We seriously need updated cheats for this. So many are requesting these changes, which means even more than that want them.

Hi, it has been 5 months since this message you posted. Is WeMod still looking into adding the other cheats? People are still requesting them. Would like an update please.

Sunbreak is releasing in 12 days so I doubt we’ll see an update before then.


Can we have a mod for damage multiplier?


Still waiting on the Creator or Admin to reply to all of us. I am surprised that in half a year, there has been no responses. Wspecially considering that obviously a lot of people are left wanting so much more. At least let us know that we were heard and whether or not you are going to update the cheats, give us more cheats, and or plan on doing nothing. Please. It would be appreciated.

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praying for an update

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What other cheats? according to FLiNG trainer site. these are the only cheats available. If you want MHW game breaking cheats. WeMod will NOT support those. Hence the reason MHW isn’t supported in WeMod.


The cheats you want suck. You got all the cheats you need to make an OP build for every single weapon in a few hours.

Welp. I don’t really need it. I can use cheats for free. Probably a bug from devs. Just sad u have to pay for it lul

Eat a stick.

Beside, took me five minutes to find something that did what I wanted, and wasn’t linked to a shitty, exploity and buggy ecosystem like wemod.

share the table or trainer bro

Will the trainer update for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak be coming out anytime today? Thanks!

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Looks like Unlimited Ammo and Edit Item Quantity are still working, but most other ones are broken.

Ehy is it so hard to get a response from the Devs and admins? Been asking questions for a very long time now, and still haven’t recieved any responses… Would like clear answers please.

In my experience the higher the game is on the “Needs updates” voting list, the quicker it’ll get addressed. As far as new things being added, that’s up to the creator. Gotta take what you can.

Fling is already working on the update for MHR.


Thank you for your time and the information!

The MONSTER HUNTER RISE cheats have been updated!


  • Edit Attack cheat added
  • Edit Critical Chance cheat added
  • Edit Defense cheat added
  • No/Minimum Forge & Upgrade Requirement cheat added
  • Instant Complete Quest cheat added

Above and beyond. Thank you!

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