Monster Hunter: World

Is this game being looked at for a possible trainer? or is it not possible to make one?

Stingerr will be making one.

That’s Awesome! Thanks for the incredibly fast reply. :+1:


Just to add. One will be made assuming it can be done. He is looking at it now.

Pretty sure at least some of it can be done, I have already made myself invincible with locking my health in a cheat engine table, also have 3million zeni as well, and 400(random number I chose) of the resources from monsters so far.

i think it is not possible because it is a online Game idk

Don’t have the game but googling tells me you can play it offline, it is just not an option in the menus. But it is not like most people will actually bother doing it the right way, they will just use it in an online session and (hopefully) get banned.

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not an online only game, and it is not server side based…I literally have infinite health right now playing

I assume it is possible, based on the fact that FLiNG already made an trainer for the WeGame(Tencent/Chinese) Version, so I have high hopes for this.

Edit: Because save file manipulation is already possible on the console versions, even if a trainer is impossible, I think a save file editor will be made some time in the future, at least I hope thats possible.

You can play it offline and when you use cheat engine Trainer etc… in offline you dont get banned?
But how you play offline or solo Lobby?

I mean, I have this on ps4 pro and used the ps4 save editor and I still haven’t been banned on that version.

@STiNGERR have a working trainer ready. Will be pushed live soon with more options coming tonight.


why is the game not selectable or you have to vote again for it???

Nope. We had one but had to remove it for legal reasons and it wont be coming back to wemod
Sorry for any inconvenience
A couple other legit sites had to remove it too.