More help with Skyrim

So it turns out that fixing the dark brotherhood with console commands just leads to more bugs so I took Geozoide’s advice and started again …after join the dark brotherhood without any bugs I have a new character…the other guilds should not be a problem as there is direct interaction to the guild members anyway can someone please change the stats to the following and add these items to the inventory to the new save

Level 60

Magicka 300
Health 300
Stamina 300

Conjuration 70
Illsion 50
Restoration 70
Sneak 100
Archery 100
Destruction 100

59 unallocated skill points

Gold: 35,000
Spell Tome: Bound Bow
Spell Tome: Bound Dagger
Vampire Royal Armor (if possible unenchanted)
Vampire Gauntlets
if possible Serana’s Hood

oh yes not sure if it is important or not but only Dawnguard and Dragonborn are loaded onto that particular save

Can someone please do this?

Anyone ?

I would if I didn’t have a bunch of PC mods installed man. I’ll ask around for you


Can anyone help today?

Make sure you have a backup copy of your save because this probably won’t work like I mentioned in PM. I have a feeling the save will corrupt on 360 and will freeze your xbox upon loading. You’ve been warned.

i always make sure to back up my saves and thanks I will see if it will work or not

awesome seems to be working fine heh though Serana’s hood seems to be unequipable

Yeah, that item is normally unobtainable which means that it’s in your inventory, but invisible.

I think it will be taken off if you put a helmet or a obtainable hood on. Once you take it off though, you can’t put it back on.

i did try putting on a hood and a circlet that did not take the hood off heh bit annoying because now i won’t be able to wear the full nightingale armour

Hang on, I’ll fix it.

Serana’s Hood removed

Again, make sure you have a backup. Just in case.

thanks Zodiac ^^ now it’s time to save Skyrim once again