More interesting thoughts

If the universe is infinite, if you look hard enough you will find an exact copy of me writing this exact message on this website and all of you are there too. Since if you search enough in an infinite universe you will find every possible thing.

Every. Possible. Thing.


Could find one where chris is cool

Wow Jimmy. I’m going to find your mom on facebook now and tell her you are a bully.

Except it isn’t really infinite in the same sense. It’s just expanding infinitely. Which means that realistically, there is the same amount of matter but it’s just all getting farther apart.

Unless you believe in the multi-verse theory, then what you said is completely valid.

TL;DR ur thoughts suk

I wonder if in the alternate universe if Cheater releases the update on time…

Not for another two weeks

Sorry i just couldn’t find that **** to give either…

The multiverse theory is different.

Pretty sure that in this, or any other universe, it is indeed IMPOSSIBLE for Chris to be “cool”.

It better describes what you said though.