Morrowind gamesaves: PC to Xbox 360

The title is no subterfuge! The only thing with which I need help is porting a PC save of Morrowind onto the Xbox 360. When I put the save onto my 360 HDD, it appears in-game. However, when I try to load the save, it gives me an error message. Let me know if additional details would be helpful. Any solutions/ideas given will be greatly appreciated!

Chances are it won’t work unless you have a Jtag or whatever console, as the files are different between PC and Xbox 360, more so since Morrowind is an Original, not a 360 meaning the saves are again encrypted to be specifically translated by the console from the original Xbox style into the newer 360 style. What is the error message it gives? It’ll have more clues to help assess the situation, but again chances are slim at best that this will work.