Most Annoying Thing About Destiny

This is seriously the most annoying thing about this game. you get lets say a rare engram and when you get it decoded its a uncommon one!! been happening to everything. and i finally get a legendary one, excited that my light level will finally go up again, and when i decode it, its a rare one worse than the one equipped!!

this happening to anyone else?

Yea, it happened to me a few times. Sometimes the item has a special ability such as strength, discipline, ect. Lets say you have a level 17 shirt with 125 of defense and a level 18 shirt with 115 of defense with 50 discipline. The level 18 shirt is better cause it has an added bonus.

yeah i understand that, but i think its just stupid that it changes rarity

I’ve got a legendary engram before, I decoded it and it gave me a common item…

The rare to uncommon must be a bug then.

Are you sure you aren’t getting decoherent engrams? They have a chance to be legendary. I only ask because I don’t think I have had a legendary engrams. I may be wrong though, it’s 5 am and I’m really tired. Way too much destiny

Yeah they exist, whenever someone picks up a legendary engram it “___Found a Legendary engram” on the bottom of the screen.

You need to pay attention to the engrams because they will tell you what it might be. It might be a rare, it might be a legendary. These are things you need to pay attention to.

Lol, I see what you’re talking about now. Before I decided it, it was blue and now its green.

I did about three of them and got two rares and finally a legendary boots! :smiley: