Motorsport Manager Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I started my own team in European Racing Series, and despite saying it’s toggled on (and staying on, unlike some other of the options) my fuel still gets used up. This is frustrating.

hi there i dont know if you are using the mods from about 3 years ago i just figured out that if you press history top right of the wemod menu you can see the changes and if you click on the one from 9 months ago they work hope this helps

all cheats work except for no tyre wear and low tyre temperature
toggles of by itself for some reason

First of all, congrats on the amazing job you´ve done so far, I just wanted to request an update because the cheats are closing the game when in a race (at least that´s where it happened a couple of times for me) so if you could please update it it would be awesome! (I didn´t find where I could request ir in the app, sorry to send this feedback here).

Instant Building Parts works, but cannot be turned off later. So if I only want to build 1 part immediately then I have a problem. Could you fix this?

There is a chance to add a cheat option ?

  • Easy Training for the optimal setup in Practice

the no tire wear and low tire temp is broken completely and the improve car parts instant is also broken for some reason

some activate and work, like the money and the fast upgrade, fast build does not activate it autoflicks off, insta part build activates but does nothing, tyre wear and temp both do not work either, fuel does for me, max condition also fails

Not really sure if this will be updated, but “Low Tire Temperature” and “No Tire Wear” do not work. I’m running 1.4.14933 Steam version. I press the hotkey and it refuses the command. Everything else works flawlessly.