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Motorsport Manager Cheats and Trainer for Steam


It is the game version. STN said that the STEAM version is different to the version he has.
you have the STEAM version hence it gives you problems.
stn currently can’t do anything cause he is not using the STEAM version


Thank you STN for updating the tool it no longer crashes my game and Unlimited fuel works now but unfireable player still turns itself and no AI overtake doesn’t work other than that I haven’t noticed anything else wrong with the game so thank you.


i get an error message when i design a new part with the cheat for it active then exits the game


what’s the error message?


says some files have been modified and it cannot do what i want then tells me to exit the game


@Mei-Day They said prior, the Dev doesn’t have MM on Steam so he can’t see if its compatible, I think I saw an update today so I’d double check and be certain. I’ve gotten the mod error so I’m not sure what yours is.


Well i got the game now, will check it out


does unfairable player cheat work?


Not yet, sadly, but the chairman happiness should be enough


yeah thanks STN all of the cheats work but the “Instant Part Design” is broken
i think if you upgrade the HQ to full the “Instant Part Design” doesn’t work.


yeah “Instant Part Design” dosen’t work it crashes the game when you try it.Is there going to be a fix?


Im having the same problem too whenever I want to create new parts for my car. Could it be the instant part design and instant design improvement?


Max Chairman Happiness [ Working ]
Unfirable Player [ Working ]
Unlimited Money [ Working ]
Instant Build + Upgrade [ Working ]
Instant Design Improvement [ Not working ]
Unlimited Fuel [ Working ]
No Tyre Wear [ Working ]
Perfect Tyre Temperature [ Working ]
No Car Condition Wear [ Working ]
No AI OverTaking [ Not working ]
Instant Part Design [ Not working ]


that isn’t true I didn’t upgrade anything and the instant design would not work


Great piece of work and looking forward to the fixes at some point. But can anyone let me know if the money thing was just one time or I’m just too stupid to get it re-activated, because when you start a new career it goes damn quickly.

Edit: I managed to get it again some how but still don’t know exactly what triggered it.


it was a onetime thing for me aswell


I looked around google and that and it seems all that needs to be done is enabling it from the budget screen. But I find if you press it more then once it will start dropping to 0 where as if you just use it once it stays infinite.


Are the cheats for the instant part design going to be updated for steam users?
I was wondering as I always open infinity just to see if the instant part design has been updated.
I don’t want to imply that you have to do it. I was just wondering. :wink:


Worked fine for me but i’ll install the game on steam and check it out again


That’s really nice from you. Thanks!