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Motorsport Manager Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Yeah steam seems to really throw things out of whack for everyone but the creator, that being said I used another trainer that had the same option and it only affects the average level parts, anything above still adds time so just personally its just as easy to play the game without it. That being said I’m not sure if STN’s version affect the other qualities as well.


Instant Build + Upgrade does not work. I am using the beta build on Steam

Also using the Instant Design Improvement cheat crashes my game when I go over the design menu. Please fix it


Look @coladacortez1 both users and stn have stated that steam screws things over, however the only thing that shouldn’t be working is the instant design improvement and instant part design (and some say no ai overtaking haven’t tried that myself). I loaded my own game up (through steam) and the instant build + upgrade still works fine.


Stop using the beta build


hello I can’t use unlimited fuel or no tyre wear at the same time, do you why ? ty ^^


Is it up to date?

Instant features are not working for me here :frowning:


Which particular ones @snyyyz? It might pay to look above your comments for help as well.


I tried to look through the other comments but no help there. Only that more than me got the problem.

Instant Buld+Upgrade, Instant design and instant Part design. And No AI overtaking as well i found out yesterday.


No AI overtaking works a bit differently in that the A.I will not try to overtake you at intersections etc. but on a straight or if they’re really close to overtake they will do it. But you will notice how they give up if you let it play for a bit.

That is if the cheat is activated ( stays blue ).


So I guess that this trainer won’t be updated anymore?


It is up to date?


Well… The instant build+upgrade and instant design improvement cause the game to crash. It gives me this message:


A little weird @snyyyz and @XavierMRL, my version of Instant Buld+Upgrade still works on both my steam version and a cracked version… Not sure what I’ve done differently if everyone keeps saying it doesn’t work after the recent updates. If I find out I will let you know.


hmm Bro cheat, instand build not work, if i to market, always get crashed, can you fix it, and add one cheat again, cheat max stats driver thanksyou


I’ll check the cheats again and see if they work. If they don’t I’ll show a screenshot of what happens


Every cheat works except the instant build+upgrade and the instant part design crashes the game.


After further checking instant design improvement doesn’t work either


Because these cheats still don’t work. Will it still be updated or should I stop hoping for an update? Because I basically downloaded Infinity for these cheats.


Get the right version. It is updated


I’m sorry but the latest version of what? I have infinity updated and motorsport manager is up to date.