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Motorsport Manager Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Run game yourself then attach infinity. Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list. Spam the Play key!


Still crashes when I use instant Part Design, also the tire temperature cheat doesn’t work at all


The Motorsport Manager cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Thanks for updating.

No tyre wear is working.
Perfect tyre temperature & No AI overtaking are not working yet.


Perfect Tyre Temperature, Instant Build + Upgrade not working.


Perfect Tyre Temperature - No Tyre Wear - Instant Build


Only Max Chairman Happiness,Unlimited Money,No Car Condition Wear Works… Another menus are not works. Can you Fix it Please? Sorry for bad eng


Update please :heart:


Update please! thank you!


Did the game update again?


Cheats are not working at all (Only Money cheat is working). Im not sure if game updated, i don’t think so.


Hi, these Cheat are not working: Unlimited Fuel, No Tyre Wear, Perfect Tyre Temperature, No Car Condition Wear, No AI OverTaking

I don´t tried the others.


Mods “No Tyre Wear”, “Perfect Tyre Temperature”, and “Unfirable Player” still not working with the game. They keep deactivating.


instant part design = crash


There is nothing wrong with any of these cheats (except the AI overtaking but who even wants to use that) ASSUMING that you are running the official game version. I can confirm to have tested them all myself on the current steam version as of 20 September at 3:00 am and found them to be working.


I have just tried the fuel and tire wear, they both did not consistently work


I am using the retailed version on my steam account… And I am telling you that these cheats do not work, not only do they not work but a couple of them, (Instant part design & instant design improvement) cause the game to crash). If you want proof I have the retailed version on steam, then go search up my account on steam and look at my games… (Pumba) (big smiling face of Pumba from Lion King 1.5)


i have the lastest version but i cant make the next cheats to work: Instant build+upgrade, Perfect tyre temperature, No AI overtaking (i can win cause they need to make pit stops…), Instant part desing and Instant desing improvement (it shows like they will make it in few minutes ex: 20 days for the race, they improve the parts “20 days before the race”, but they will send the msg telling you that they improved the parts later), any way to make them work?


Only way any cheats will work, is if the trainer maker, updates the trainer and fixes these problems (big IF)…


I did it several times and asked people to use Version Guard but who listens to me.