Mount & Blade: Warband or Mount & Blade: Bannerlord trainers


My name is Andreas and I would love to see a trainer for M&B:Warband or Bannerlord (When it comes out). I don’t have the skills to do it myself, so this is to someone who has got the skills and maybe plays M&B. THANKS

You can request them here

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its a long time since it got all the points it need wheres it at :smiley:

It will come out as soon as a Dev has time to do them.

well… they seem to have time since they put out alot of trainers that got 250k points after M&B got theirs

It’s Updates August -

Games reaching 250k does not mean they make the trainer as soon as possible. A Dev firstly needs to own the game if he does not he will put that game not in his priority list.
Secondly it’s not in order what is shown on the front page. Funded request can be handled by the devs how they like it. There will be a trainer for the game but it can take time depending on the game

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