Move saved games from one profile to another

I have an account that I cant access (cant remember password or anything) and I want to move my saved games/progress to a new gamertag.
Can I do this with horizon, and if so, how?
I don’t really care about achievements or anything, i just dont want to have to start skyrim and my other games all over again.

I found a thread on here with some info on how to do it but the change button is greyed out, maybe im missing something. I followed the steps in this thread
I moved my profile to a flash drive, opened the profile up in package manager and then clicked on manage. Once I do that I can tick the favorite box as it says in the thread but “change” is unclickable.

Any help is appreciated.

Yeah, just open the saves from the old profile and change the IDs to match then new profile.

Open your saves in the package manager, then click manage and make sure the box is checked next to the gamertag you want the saves transferred to. Then all you have to do for each save is click change, then the new gamertag you want the saves to go with. Remember to rehash and resign after changing the ids.

If you need any help, I can assist you over teamviewer if you like.

Change is greyed out for some reason.
edit-nvm, im an idiot.
see post below

oh, i think i totally missed a step, lol. I assumed that i could just move my profile to the flash drive but i guess i have to move all my saves to the flash drive too?
Is this possible with me not being able to access the gamer profile? If i try to go in and copy the saves to the flash drive it tries to get me to sign in, which is the reason im trying to move the games in the first place.

You have to open all the game saves and change the ids to the new profile.

since I cant sign in, i cant copy the saves. Any other way for me to do this? I don’t even mind modding the xbox if i have to. This is a secondary xbox anyway.

Any answer for this?