Movie recommendations from 2013-2014?

Looking for a movie to watch, anything you would recommend?

I recently watch ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Captain Phillips’ which I thought were great films!

Check out Horrible Bosses 2, its hilarious.

I use this site to find movies.

it’ll show you all the movies released that year and you can sort by popularity and genre.

Interstellar was cool, but it’s 3 hours long:p.

The Wolf of Wall Street
American Hustle
This is the end

Guardians of the Galaxy
American Sniper
Planet of the Apes

i can name a lot more if you can give a certain genre.

Lets Be Cops
The Cobbler

And just about everything else already recommended.

Guardians of the Galaxy, most definitely. Amazing movie.

I’m really not into Horror films, really not for me. I like thrillers and sci-if. I like all the Marvel films to date and others like Transformers. Big fan of Morgan Freeman,Samuel L. Jackson, and Denzel Washington, I like there movies a lot!

I hope this can give you some insight into what I like :smile:

Interstellar was amazing for me!!!

Flight is from 2012 but it’s still a good movie. It’s on Netflix. Denzel Washington.

I watched End of Watch the other day, it’s from 2012 but it’s a great film.

Check out the trailer:

Man of Steel
12 Years a Slave (don’t expect action, but its a really powerful movie.)
This Is The End (Comedic-horror, not really scary.)
Now You See Me
Pacific Rim (Watch it or I’ll watch you while you sleep…)
World War Z
The Croods
Hobbit series
Fast & Furious 6

X-Men: Days of Future’s Past
Big Hero 6 (I hear its really good.)
Edge of Tomorrow
300: Rise of an Empire
22 Jump Street (Also 21 Jump Street if you haven’t seen it.)

Not a 2013-2014, but a 2012.

Jack Reacher.

I watched this the other day, I thought it was tremendous.
It’s worth the watch.

Why those years in particular? I could list off some movie gold that I would suggest anyone should watch…

But yeah, from those 2 years:
Killing Season
The Wolf of Wall Street
The Purge 1&2
The Maze Runner (kinda like hunger games)

Just finished watching The Equalizer ( Denzel Washington is the main guy), very good movie to watch!

Snowpierecer or The Voices… Both amazing movies The Voices is more of a Dark Comedy and Snowpiercer is a good Sci-fi movie that has recieved good reviews and it’s on netflix.


The Voices

You like thrillers and Morgan Freeman? Perfect! The movie is not from 2013 - 2014, but it’s one of the best movies I can vouch for.


I don’t really watch alot of movies so I can’t recommend something good from a specific year, but I hope you’ve not seen Seven yet. I’m sure you’ll love it.

This looks interesting, thanks for the idea!

I have seen most of these, but I will try the ones I have not seen.

I only selected 2013-2014 because it’s likely I would seen most of the films before then. I watch a lot films regularly but the past two years have been less interesting for me. None the less though, I welcome all suggestions!

This was a great movie, I liked it very much!

I will try this one!

A lot of these films are worth a watch. End of watch and seven in particular.

I have read all the Jack reacher books, and comparing the film to it. The film sucks. Big time. But if you haven’t read the books then it might be alright. I just kept comparing it to the book.