MPData Editor (MW2)

Does anybody know of another MPDATA Editor besides the one they have on Se7enSins and the .exe one (Norton won’t load it) I keep getting an error when I try to Save/Load my MPDATA file from my account. I will post a picture once I can get it up on PhotoBucket. If there is a alternative MPDATA editor out there, and you can make one or give me one you will get a thanks. :smile:

besides hexing it yourself I dont know if there is one, you could have somebody you trust do it for you on team viewer on their comp.

I am running Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 7 (or 8 I don’t remember)
on a GateWay Computer 32 and 64 bit compatible 1 TB Hard Drive Space

I extracted the program using WinRaR and stored it on my desktop.
I really don’t understand what is happening and pre- modded MPDATA files don’t seem to work for me. This is for split-screen and System - Link only.

Is it hard to create one of these programs? I created a simple application before, but nothing like this.

To be honest I don’t know how hard it is to create one for the fact I have yet to do one myself. Have you cleared system cache then make the save data? Don’t forget not to download updates too. It could fix your stf error

all i know is the ones u said sorry…

I cleared by Xbox Cache I can clear my cpu cache too

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I know, that seems those are all there is ATM.

I don’t know if clearing your cpu will help, and yes you can :laughing:

ok and ok xD

What does the mpdataeditor do ? Edit your multiplayer rank ? If so hook me up woth a download and I’ll see if I can’t help you out in doing it :smile:

Lol I made that one a while ago. I don’t think it works very well :o

Ask PJ for coding lessons. yBz^

I have a MP editor, it works for me.

What does the editor do is it just for the splitscreen?

It edits your custom classes for splitscreen.