Mrantifun exe

when i download the exe from mrantifuns website and install it dosent show up in the wemod app

MrAntifun’s trainer links on his website now all point to the WeMod desktop app, I believe. It doesn’t mean MrAntiFun has a WeMod trainer for that game here on WeMod.

For example, if a working trainer already existed here on WeMod for a particular game (ie made by Reppin or STiNGERR) it makes little sense for an exact same trainer from MAF with the exact same options to be added to WeMod as well.

What trainer are you looking to use?

agents of mayhem coz the trainer for it dosent work it instantly crashes the game

Agents of Mayhem is made by a developer (Volition) that is very anti-cheat and likes to make life difficult for trainer users. The same issue occurs to their other games such as Saints Row IV and so on.

You might have noticed that Saints Row has been “in development” for some time in your WeMod desktop app dashboard, this is because it’s proving nearly impossible to get a trainer to work with the game so far. AoM is by the same developer that likes making life difficult for cheaters, so I’m assuming the reason AoM crashes is the same reason WeMod can’t get a trainer to work on SR IV. I’m doubtful there will be a working trainer for AoM for this reason.

ok thank you for ur help