@MRAntiFun: Fuga: Medals Of Steel for Steam (Port / Alteration of existing trainer)

Suggesting that Fuga: Medals Of Steel sees an PC Steam release, and bonus: I’ll even beta test it for @MrAntiFun .
Cheats to port:

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Unlimited SP
  3. Easy Upgrade
  4. Unlimited AP
  5. Unlimited Battle Items
  6. Unlimited Items
  7. Mega Exp
  8. One-Hit Kills

Hey there!

While I’m sure WeMod appreciates your suggestion for a trainer to be made, unfortunately, they do not take trainer requests on the forums.

The suggestions section on the forums is for creating suggestions to improve the WeMod app, rather than to suggest trainers.

To learn more on how trainers are created, follow the link here - Game Queue

Otherwise, if you are unable to view the link above

Trainers are created based on their popularity within the community, which is calculated by how many WeMod members have installed the game (which the WeMod app autmatically detects), and how many WeMod members are following it or have added it as a favourite (by clicking the “Notify me” button or the star icon on the WeMod app).

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

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Less about outright creating a trainer, and more of porting it to the other selectable versions.

The trainer came out for Xbox, but to this day fails to have a Steam port.

What I am requesting is actually a port of the trainer. And I’m hoping that by being a present beta tester for the steam version my confirmations will make such a process of porting it easier.
I can always use the tutorial to test out all the cheats in one go, as the tutorial has several scripted events:

  • your first rest stop
  • introducing smashables on routes (Either healing items or materials)
  • Introducing how to upgrade the weaponry
  • Showing faculties
  • Showing off combat
  • And showing off HP low peril scenarios which makes the Soul Cannon available to use; which costs 1 crewmates life to use. Luckily with my DLC you get 1 usable called a sacraficial doll that you can place in the machine, but it forces you to use a crew member in the tutorial.
  • You could see the soul cannon as the space shuttle bad ending from Megaman X 5, you’re essentially blasting someones life force into a beam of energy that destroys everything, the soul beam probably feels… everything.
  • nevertheless the tutorial is prime testing ground for this port.

It is considered a new trainer and must go through the same process as other(new) trainers.

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And if @MrAntiFun makes one, I’m willing to beta test it to get it out faster. Beta testing is a good part of working out what works and doesn’t work, what bugs to sort out, and tweak and finish a port even faster.
Like I said, I’d dedicate myself to becoming a beta tester for @MrAntiFun , what are the processes to be accepted as a beta tester?

There are no beta testers for trainers. New trainers are added based on game and platform popularity among WeMod users. You can show your interest by clicking “Notify Me” on the game’s page in WeMod.