MS To Design New Xbox One Features, Halo Team Working on Cloud System

[/img]Judging by its consistent deployment of new features via monthly updates, Microsoft is constantly looking to improve the Xbox One experience. It’s also looking for the staff necessary to implement such changes, as a listing for a Principal Software Engineer states. The listing states that the engineer will, “Design new API’s and features for the Xbox One and gaming across all Windows platforms.”

The latter part is especially interesting since Microsoft has been making more noise about improving the gaming experience with the upcoming Windows 10. How this will affect features like cross-platform gaming between the Xbox One and PC remains to be seen.

But that’s not all. Microsoft is also hiring for its Halo Game Services team and is looking for a Software Engineer to work “on building the next generation of cloud services to power our new game saga on Xbox One.” Could this perhaps mean the Xbox Live Compute services, used for multiplayer in games like Titanfall, coming into play from Halo 5: Guardians onwards?

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