MS: Xbox One Will Continue To Evolve, ‘Much More Stuff We Can Do’

[/img]Microsoft has been great with regular updates for the Xbox One ever since its launch, they have already released the New Xbox one Experience today, which is a complete and total overhaul of the console UI, but the console’s launch was a mess- the Xbox One launched with some very basic functionality missing, and while so much of it has been added in the years since, in many ways, Xbox One is still not on par with the Xbox 360.

The reason for that is that there is a platform reset each time a new console is introduced, Microsoft’s Richard Irving told Eurogamer. He also said that the Xbox One is a long term platform that will continue to evolve, and should get more and more features with time.

“It’s important for us to look at the evolution of things,” he said. “A new console generation, a new platform launch, means you have to look at what features to bring forward and what to build for the future – five to 10 years away.”

He put this in context of the Xbox 360, and its evolution with time.

"If you look at Xbox 360 now, you have 100 times more features than you did when the console launched. You didn’t have streaming HD video services at the time, and now that’s the future of television. You didn’t have a common friends list across all of your games, and now it’s expected as standard. So with Xbox One we looked at what we want to accomplish, what publishers want, what fans want, and you make trade-offs based on what you will leave behind, betting on the future.

“In some areas I think we made some great decisions. In other areas there was an opportunity to learn from the launch and there was a lot of space to – in the two years since then – build on that. And that’s why the new dashboard is the next step but not the final step. We have addressed a lot of the highest priority stuff from fans and from game developers but there’s still so much stuff we can do to evolve how games exist on the platform and on Xbox Live.”

As of right now, there is very little that I can say the Xbox 360 does or did, that the Xbox One will not do, so kudos to Microsoft for delivering on that front.