MSI 970A-G46 BIOS Recovery

So I was updating my bios and my power went out in the middle of the flash. Now when I turn it on I get two short beeps and it just loops and wont post. Apparently on MSI’s website they say you can recover it by just putting the bios on a USB however one slight problem is all of there 2.x BIOS’s are in .exe files that you can’t extract. Would anyone have any idea where to find it and before you tell me to go to the MSI forums everyone there is completely useless and this is the last time I’m ever buying a MSI product again because there customer support is terrible also.

haha you think msi is bad maybe you should try Asus then rethink the MSI comment. But I had the same thing happen to me a long time ago and they told me to either send it in or take it to a local computer shop that can write directly to the bios.

Oh I know I’ve dealt with ASUS before also but at least they don’t cut corners on there AMD boards like MSI does. I just don’t understand why MSI even gives a guide on how to recover your BIOS with the ROM file and then not let you download it from anywhere.

Email their CS and see if they will send it to you directly. Some companies don’t like to release them to the public for some reason but will be happy to email them to you.