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Love me some chill nation.




Rest in peace. What a talented and beautiful soul.
This year fuckin sucks.






Somebody put up 2-Pac: Do For Love.

I can’t find an original video of it anywhere on YouTube that hasn’t been sped up or slowed down or simply isn’t the version I got.




Same lyrics but not the version I remember. The one I remember seeing/hearing had an animated video. I can’t describe the tune any better for obvious reasons…


That’s the first one I found with the animated video, it has like 40 million views so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. That version sounded sped up though, people on the video I posted claimed it’s the original but I’m unsure. There’s a lot of different versions & remixes up there.


@Troy This one?





The best TV commercial that warrants a download for your headphones…





I’m mostly into ROCK and METAL (extreme), though I’m open to other genres of Music as well. This one is from a glam Rock band called STEELHEART. Song is a love ballad though, a bit of soft and melodic touch to it.

You may or may not like it. Anyways, I’m currently playing this now. “I’ll Never Let You Go”