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I encourage people to post from all genres, the point of the thread is to come in and find some tunes you wouldn’t normally listen to. Glad to see some new faces in here :slight_smile:

Old youtube cover artist who hasn’t posted since like '07, dude had skills


Thanks for your kind comment, Really appreciate it.

I’m open to all genres of music, as Music is my passion/life. Mostly I prefer listening to ROCK or METAL, but all of a sudden, if my mood changes, then you may see me relaxing by a BLUES number, or an instrumental tune being played.

That being said, I really love this band ABBA, and I think this is one of the BEST music numbers ever made, IMO. Despite it being pure POP music, this song has that magical force which might imprint an image on any listener…This is a music from real heart and soul. 100% pure pop from the oldies !

Dancing Queen, by ABBA:


Really? I live in sweden and I grew up having to listen to abba in music classes at my old school due to teachers allowing kids to sometimes pick the music, no boys would pick a song so the girls usually choosed some pop song (or whatever). I bealive ABBA is/was a good band (not sure if they have retired/died yet), I just don’t personally like their type of songs.

Female sweds seem to like it though.


Man, you remind me of my dad. Huge music buff, he worked in L.A. as an arranger in the 60’s & 70’s. Got to work with some big names like Elton, and he was good friends with Dobie Gray. You two have similar taste, I remember hearing Abba and lots of other classics playing from his setup all the time when I was younger. 72 years old and still jamming out to this day!

I dig you already, I know you’ll get along great with some of the guys here



Lol. Yeah, I really like ABBA. Dunno why, but their musical style lifts up my mood…ABBA was a good band, no doubt on this. SWEDEN and Norway has given birth to one of most talented musicians, imo !

Though, not saying all other countries lack talent, because MUSIC is a universal language, and every music artist is great, regardless of his/her origin. Cheers !


Wow, that’s really nice to know about your dad ! Kudos to him. He has my respect… :thumbsup: :smiley:

And, btw, the “fragile” song by Kygo and Labrinth is pretty good. I love this number. Nice vocalist ! This is the first time I’m hearing about this band/artist…

Anyways, this is one of my favorite songs, by this Swedish SOLO guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.

The genre can be categorized as: Neoclassical Power Metal/Shred, instrumental rock, heavy metal.

“Like an Angel”.

Btw, one more band which has got my attention lately is Anathema.

They are a british progressive/Alternative Rock band, though, few of their latest albums, including the 2 parts of this song fall under the Avant-garde music category.

Very melodic. Slightly reminds me of trance. This song has 2 parts in continuation. A Must listen number…





Pffft, most of you listen to bad music haha (in my opinion)!


Um, I think you may have copied the wrong link cause that doesn’t look like Taylor Swift.

Not sure if I already posted this, but one of my favorite Indie songs even though I don’t listen to that genre much.


Haha, TSwift is the best, but I need to mix it up a bit sometimes.


Probably one of my biggest peeves when someone says something like that. No one is here to judge your taste, if you can’t say anything positive why say anything at all? Everyone likes different things, and I hate to burst your bubble, but this is a thread for all genres, not just Red & Taylor Swift. It’s like saying your favorite color is blue and anyone that doesn’t like blue has an invalid taste in color. I thought more of you.


Hoping that was a joke. Because what I said before was one (Hence the “haha”). Obviously everyone can like anything they want. I meant no harm by it. I think you read too much into what I said. Also, I don’t want you to think any less of me because of something as silly as this.


Joke or not, I just don’t see the point in coming into a thread like this and saying everyone listens to bad music. I think that just discourages people from posting what they want to. Anyway, let’s get back to the music and if you want to continue this, hit me with a DM








I don’t think this artist might need an introduction, but nonetheless, OZZY Osbourne is the godfather of Heavy Metal/ROCK, and has been a major inspiration/influence for other rock Music artists/bands, including myself.

That’s not an exaggeration, since he has also been inducted into the US “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” as well. Though, he was also criticized in his early years of music.

But enough of his bio, let me list few of my favorite songs from his album.


Mama, I’m Coming Home”.