Must See/Do in NYC?

Going there for the New Year for a family function and trip. Looking for some must see’s and do’s. Trying to plan it all out and we’re looking to do as much as we can.

Must sees

  • Statue of Liberty

  • Freedom tower

  • Ellis Island

  • The liberty museum

These are definitely great touring destinations, there is actually a tour you take to get to Ellis island, where they have a museum, it is great.

You must watch the ball drop in the city, Time Square is packed, but it is beautiful in my opinion, the city is absolutely wonderful this time of year.

There is endless things to do in NYC, you can’t do everything in one day, which I am sure you and your family are probably gonna spend a couple days or something, I don’t know. If you are staying for a couple days, definitely try to do as much as possible, I know I regret not doing somethings each year I visit NY.

I hope you enjoy the city, and I wish you and your family nothing but the best of times!

Happy holidays!

I don’t think I’m gunna get to see the ball drop. Family function that night…

I’m also going for 10 days. So there’s lots of time to do things. Girlfriend and I want to go up a building and at the moment were thinking the Rockafella or whatever its called.

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Well the ball drop is not all that spectacular to say the least, but I do enjoy watching it.

10 days is more than enough time to get to see most of the city, the Rockefeller is an amazing building, but also definitely check out the freedom tower. The view and the building is absolutely beautiful and it is just something about being able to look over the city in December that is well magical.

Yeah. Maybe I’ll go up the WTC since it’ll give us the best view! I’m really excited to see NYC especially since I’ve never been outside of Canada!

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Come an hour away and I’ll happily introduce you to Philly underground rave scene.

Central Park is another must. Chinatown is quite something and if you want to eat good food Little Italy is the place. If I were you I wouldn’t go on the Liberty Island, the fairy tour around the island is enough. Also you should definitely cross the Brooklyn Bridge.

Pretty much what Nick said, but a couple more things I would recommend are -
Go ice skating at Bryant Park, admission is free but skate rentals, locks and bag checks are expensive lmao. There are also a couple more ice skating rinks, I think 2 in Central Park and the Rockefeller center rink (not free I believe.)
Go see the tree at Rockefeller center if it’s still up.
Check out some museums, admission is a voluntary donation for everyone I believe (at least it is for students), just give em like $5 - $10 each person.
Enjoy the food, New York literally has the best restaurants and a large variety of restaurants so you can literally find anything.
Check out some comedy clubs and grab dinner there.
Tbh best thing to do is shop. Would recommend shopping in SoHo and Times Square.

And honestly, I live here, regarding the ball drop, yeh its a nice event to experience and say you were there, but not worth it. If you want to be right up front near it so you’re on TV and all of that, and see it up close, you need to go there early and can’t leave cause someone will take your spot.

Girlfriend and I are thinking about going up to the base of Statue Liberty. We don’t know when we will go back so.

We were planning on skating in Central Park, but the weather just won’t work out. It’s so damn warm out!
We are planning on The Museum of National History and maybe that Art one. But we are definitely seeing the 9/11 one.
And yeah, I’ve heard that about the ball drop. But you also gotta remember we live on the other side of North America, so how often would we get to come down to New York for the ball drop?

@Cody Nope. I think I’m good. Your bosses cars on the other hand though…

If you end up going to the 9/11 Memorial Centre, I would love to see some images! I have only ever seen in on the TV but looks like a nice thing to see in person.

A must see/thing to do though:

• Visit Frank a.k.a Cheater912 (if he is still there)

• See Rucker Park (this is a personal interest, not sure if your into Basketball)

He doesn’t live in New York anymore.

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Boston i’d guess (if anyone actually read the terms of service)…

Whats that?

Haha, I got to mess with an Aerial Atom not too long ago. That was kinda cool.

Yeah, now that’d be something ■■■■■■■ awesome to try.

You could always find a homeless dude and give em a random present. Preferably a gift wrapped flyer to the local AA meetings.


But most of them are…

#ignorant? Probably…

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Um visit the Hershey store and all of the other places with delicious food ???