[MW2] FREE System link - 10th + All Unlocks!


This was stickied by [b]Navy[/b]. If you have a problem with it PM him


System link status:OPEN [CLOSED]

[/size] [b]

Only system link on weekends


The way you can get your account system linked is by PM’ing me your account infomation, i am sorry that i can not do it via, i just dont know how, I promise i will not keep your account because i dont even play xbox anymore, you can also contact me via aim - xChaseXMB


Level -
Prestige -
Stats (Max - Moderate - Reset)

You can go any level higher then your current one


[details=Open Me]


Send a private message to the gamertag “Chaaaaaase” (6 a’s) and join session, it’s online level 70 unlock all ! Enjoy!

This isn’t a “Game with me” because only you are playing/

Why don’t you post in diamond.

Aren’t these threads always in game with me?

They shouldn’t be unless it’s an actual infection lobby that YOU join and get 10th.

He wants your account.

Hey im already the prestige id like to be, but the person who done my account made my stats extremly non legit, would you be able to make them look more legit

just got back from eating

ill do your account now

EDIT - You need to give me your password

you only sent me your email

I vouch for Chase, I’ve seen him do multiple accounts before.

Your safe to recover back

EDIT: Didn’t Read OP


maybe read the OP

i obviously said they could do it

You know what? My bad, i didn’t read it all the way, and I am sorry… Also what is your old name? If you had one…


100% Legit, Thanks


No i mean…if you search system link in this section you’ll find tons of threads on people doing system link and i think they aren’t moved to another section

Scam, stole my account

im sure

Not legit.