[MW2]GetInMyVan's Online Challenge Lobby Service

Closed. My retail got banned for no reason.

Has My Vouch.

I may have joined today, doesn’t matter what would you like for proof? I’ll do a silver account. I joined this website because i was sick of ttg and not a fan of 7s

At least show some proof of your JTAG or RGH.

I actually joined to use horizon :smiley: and i forgot my old xboxmb account

Yes. Then add The proof to The OP.

No one would take this service without proof.

Just saying.

I will upload pictures in 5 min tops

Added Proof to the post.

I am going to be the brave soul to try this. I have everything unlocked already, I just want to be 10th, I don’t like being 11th.

kk pm me man



joined today.
low post count.
non valid proof.
username is GetInMyVan…

Seems legit.


Hell Ya :smiley:

Vouch. He’s legit.

I would like to have this done kind sir

pm me with account info and prestige you would like.

Can you do it now? and how long does it take?

He is legit :smile:

Has he done it for you?