MW2 Infection Patch(video plus download)!

Modern warfare 2 - Wallhack, XP, UAV, Superjump, Nuke infections

Infectable Mod Menu!
Infectable xp!
Onscreen Text!
Plus more! all works in public to without host apart from xp.

UAV always on
Nuke in care package
Modded free for all xp
Super Jump

Start Lobby With Jtag
Don’t Spawn With Jtag
Invite Your Retail Xbox
Follow Instructions
*DPAD UP + PRONE Gives you beast binds
*DPAD DOWN + PRONE Gives you the ability to infect your friends with classic infections, read below for more instructions

If infecting your friends:
UAV always on
Nuke in care package
Modded free for all xp
Super Jump

If giving friends beast infections (dpad down+prone) do the following:
Infect Yourself with jtag
go into private match SKIP SPLITSCREEEN
Invite friends to pregame lobby - Do not Start it
have frinds back out and join splitscreen
have friends start game
friend can go on merry way


it will be patched soon

…Anyone want to invite me? ._. xD

I doubt it with MW3 coming out they probably wont have time

they all ready have a patch
it has been on ps3 for a while now they are just waiting for a release on all other platforms

My modding GT; OCMx Pufflez v2 add it i will get you in when i get this patch working it acts up sometimes


added thanks :smile:

Give me a few mins and i will infect you guys check out my other post for more info.

legit :smile:

how come i never get gold deagle?

dont have it

xp infection ?

actually the xp does not stick i need a sticky xp patch if u got one aim me: OCMxPufflez

Why did you say : Infectable xp ! ?