MW2 - Mods Online

Well after about 2 hours testing stuff I eventually got it to work on MW2.
Not releasing this WILL ruin MW2 and possibly Black Ops. (not yet tested)

I’ve been trying for hours now… is it something to do with variable strings?

^ Didn’t work btw :expressionless:


/jelly mad

Just break all of them. Please.

Why are you doing this to us?!@?@?@

WOW, ****ing smart eh?

You blow my mind,

O.O host a game? please?

Dammit lee…

i bet cheater912 cant get over this one :wink:

You know how long king kong and others have been trying to figure this out.

Profile mods can be done again…

Will ruin MW2? Isn’t it already?


im sure someone will figure this out, since it works for all 3 games, ive been trying for hours and he uses the same method for all three games

MW2 Has already been ruined it can’t be ruined any more, release or die!

WAIT, he said he got it to work on MW2 ALSO so maybe if we figure out cod4 and WAW it might link us to MW2

just release lol mw2 is dead now if this was black ops then that’d be something

The same method works for every game, pretty much.
Though Lee wont test Black Ops because he doesn’t want a ban.

I want this

If anyone needs help figuring this out, I have 300 ways which don’t work.

I think u might be right, or mabye itll be related in some way.