[Mw2] Recovery lobbies [VeNiiMxModz]

Lobby Stat’s - Closed


Open Me


Form For Recovery

Prestige - 1-11
Unlock all - yes/no
Colored Class’s - yes/no
Do you trust me - yes/no

All account info need’s to be Pm’ed to me with the form attached, this will make it easy and faster for me!

After you have check over you’re account and you are happy please post legit or vouch for me.

Any problem’s?

  • You didn’t get what you wanted, please message me and i will re-do you’re account.
  • Don’t like the colored class’s or don’t like you’re prestige, i will gladly reset you’re account and start over.

If any one want to donate for this feel free, i need steam game to play :3

How to donate, ask me for the email through a pm.

(Note: This is not needed for the service)


I would do but all I need is the gold deagle and you don’t like me so you would probz stealz my accz anyway :0

Vouch, & Can you do my account?

Pm the account info along with forum :smiley:

Hey man, Post on my wall when my accounts done?

Will do! :smirk:

100% Vouch for this guy!

Thanks man!

All accounts are done and i am free for more.

I liked + Subscribed also, Good service.

Doing My Account Now!

Has My Vouch!

All accounts are done as of now, ready for more!

Edit: Doing juggernodz account now!

You’re now in my signature. You know for Advertising purposes…

<3 Thanks bb lol :smirk:

Im my sig too :smile:

Can i just upload my account to Mediafire is that good.

I won’t beable to sign in, i have to download you’re account and put it through my system link lobby.

I can vouch for him because the only time I see him online he’s doing MW2 accounts.

Are you doing accounts at the moment? Im already 10th, I just want unlock all.

I have one i am doing now, send you’re info and i will gladly do :smiley:

Have you done mine?