MW3 All Titles and Emblems

Not just a video, actual website.
All MW3 Titles and Emblems

It’s pretty good but some things are off, like blind-eye.

Meh, still pretty good

#167 Looks Pretty Sick IMO… As for the Emblems, I don’t find much interest…

Yeah, I want 175 in emblems

Not all of them are listed :anguished:

thanks for the site i was trying to fine this lol

You’re welcome!

Does anyone know how to get 49-56 in the emblems? They all look boss!

OMG #153 In the emblems :smiley:



Yeah, I was in a game with a guy who had #153, I was jelly. I really want 49-56 if anyone knows how, please inform, probably something to do with Elite.

looks good :d

My favorite is either #55 or probably #51

does any 1 know how to hack to get the titles and emblems?

That’s what I use :smiley:

cod elite. clan ops, i think.

Your GT is Poliwhirl Nerdgasm

I remember MW2 had one of these, I used it for maybe two weeks before I got in a lobby.