MW3 Beta Image Confirmed FAKE

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 already has a rumored November release date and today a screenshot surfaced that attempted to show a leaked screenshot from inside the beta for the game. They seem to show a former Infinity Ward employee at one of the menu screens … but whoever created this image made a big mistake. Read on to find out more.
First of all, SFUKUDA seems to point to a former Infinity Ward employee named, Steve Fukuda. Fukuda was Modern Warfare 2’s lead designer. One problem is that Steve left Infinity Ward for Respawn Entertainment like many of the key Modern Warfare team members. So why would he be playing Modern Warfare 3?
But, here’s a bigger clue. Look at where SFUKUDA is supposedly signed into Microsoft’s PartnerNet.

BING! Ah, the intricacies of ParnterNet. Next time, we expect some better Photoshop work.

Source: Modern Warfare 3 Rumors Squashed -

lol damnit.

That’s the exact reason I called fakehax -.-

of course.

…Cody made it, hurr durr. Can’t believe it got as big as it did. XD

lol yea man it looks really fake

I know but I just wanted to post the proof haha

lol thanks for that it looked real at first then i was like lol < 3

I knew it… I called Fake and Ghey…

Whatever we will get a real glimpse soon enough.


Somebody with a kit should see the recently played games of this tag.

yeah dude same way I made the JTAG.

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Or did you only have 1 and you sold it on TTG?



It’s even funnier because no one takes you seriously.

Yeah dude totally!

Hopes = Gone :anguished:

If they were smart they would see how much attention this got and realize that they need a beta. Don’t lose hope just yet!

Why is everyone saying this? To me it still looks real, even though I know it’s fake…

Kool, but dam I wanted out to be real

You can’t “Make” the JTAG…
you can figure out how “to” JTAG
but seriously someone didn’t make the “JTAG” and install it on everyones xbox that hasn’t been updated and then say “do this to acitvate it…”

Me too :anguished: