Mw3 double xp can you beat me?

Can you beat me?

haha im go get my caps now lol i keep forgeting to put them in

I’ll still beat you to the highest rank, even with your 135 minutes of double experience.

Off topic here but can the double experience even be obtained in the UK?

u will not =) im actually really good at call of duty we should play some time give me your gamertag:D
Mines AGn Elmo add me if u like make sure u also send me a message saying its u from xmb.
^and this goes for the rest of xmb feel free to add me

Right now I’m at 7 and a half hours. I also have 2 bags of doritos. 4 20 ounces and a 12. I’m gonna wait to enter them until next week for the Doritos and mtn dew bonus. I’m at school on a Zune so i can’t post proof right now but I will when i get home. The other double xp post I had 6 and a half hours at the time. You can see that by going to the mw3 section. It’s on the first page


I’m gonna go pay a poor person to by me infinite Mt. Dew with Food Stamps.

I win… Level 0 get at me(:

I’ll blow out right before the game comes out.

It will be close but we will see who will win lol
The modders will probably win who mod on mw3

Ye if you preorder from GAME or Gamestation, you get 4hours but thats the only way Im seeing on getting X2 XP

I have like 11 hours right now. I will easily have the max that you are able to apply to a single gamertag (24 hours) before the game comes out.

I got 8 hours yesterday. Helps to have friends that work retail.

I thought about buying 20 packs of MTD and taking them back because the cans were banged up and Wall-Mart will give me another pack but I only did it twice.

So far I have an hour,I’m gonna get at least 4 hours tomorrow tho.

i have about 5 hours and i have two 12 packs at my other house. :smile: and i might buy 4 bottles tomorrow. lol

=] taking pictures of doritos bag

I have four one hour thirty minute ones.
I keep forgetting to put them on.

I tried you’re code out and i got 15 mins of xp . O.o

Where are the codes located on the bag?

want me to post all the ones that i already used?

umm yeah on the left side of the bag on the outside.