MW3 Free Recovery Service

This is something I’m doing for the community for 100% free, people can make donations of money or KV’s, either help me keep this going I’ve donated one of mine to this to start it. If you’re interested in donating a KV I run a falcon console so it takes a type 2. Why would I do this you ask? Well why not? I’ve been a member of this site for damn near two years and tried my hardest to do stuff to help and I think this would just help a lot of people who have been here and helped others or just can’t afford the crazily priced recovery services. Now onto the good stuff.

New Terms
Anyone who donates $5 or more or a KV is FIRST priority because they’re contributing to keep this going for everyone. ALSO if you are diamond there is NO minimum post count[details=Donations Made]

Flippo $20
OivGaming $15
Purple $10.50
Londoner1234 $10
Mierd2 $7
FeeZ $5

[/details] [details=Instructions]Post below and wait for a pm with the form to fill out,you have 5 minutes to respond and then you will be sent a PM and skipped and you will have to repost and wait again.[/details]

What Can Be Done:

Prestige Tokens
Double Xp
Double Weapon Xp
Unlock All
Minimum thanks requirement of 100 and subject to change.
Currently Closed and should re-open at 12 EST

Just out of curiosity, what are the changes of being banned/reset for this?

It all depends, before I got what I needed to do this and had mine done by cent, I got 20th prestige, unlock all, lvl 80, 2 days weapon and reg xp, and 25 prestige tokens and got a 2 week suspension, but then again I had him do a lvl 1 account that had just joined live so ? lol

If you go to 20th prestige you get banned but if you stay 16th prestige you should be fine.

lol, I don’t hope so…

I’d like to jump on the waiting list please.

You got a tool for tu21?

I’ll wait until 12. :smile:

I’m interested, Just pm me when your open thanks for doing this :smile:

Well free services are always good, shoot me a PM when your doing this!

Could you pm me :smiley: thanks :smile:

I would like to have this done seeing as I got reset xD

I have a falcon JTAG with KV but im not really familiar with obtaining it for you to use if someone could help me out i can give you it ?

I am interested!

pm me when your ready im down to do it

Hey man, would love to get on the waiting list for this, send me a pm when you are ready, and thanks.

PM me please, Sounds Great :smile:

Love to be on the waiting list, pm me when it’s open please :smiley:

PM me when your open. Thanks for this btw.

Prestige 20
Level 80
Prestige Tokens 600
Double Xp 70days
Weapon Xp 70day
Unlock All
pm me wen you are on