MW3 Full ISO Rip? * Revealed to be Fake*

So Lupo just tweeted and I talked to him about , That tonight there’s gonna be a Full MW3ISO Rip. Flashed and JTAG will be able to use. Around the same time as Blops last year except this time its the full game :wink:

Can’t wait. Hopefully it is a legit rip.

I can’t wait!

If this is not true I swear I will strangle a chipmunk.

Nice if legit. Mods time.

Yeah, I’m just gonna what I did last year;Play and beat the campaign before its release so I can go straight to Multiplayer :smile:

Hmmm good for other ppl i don’t care for it much :smile:

That is what I plan on doing

i hate jtags :anguished: they get all the fun :anguished:

you do exactly what i do…

Now this makes me want a modded Xbox even more >_>

Wow they’re already making an ISO Rip from that ONE legit copy that got stolen/leaked.

there’s definately more than one out there.

There is way more then one. I’ve seen atleast 5 or 6 legit copies

Any PC copies?

Who said it was just one stolen? We don’t know how many people got there hands on a copy. Maybe they don’t upload videos of it like others :wink: And release an ISo.

haha cant wait!

Yeah there was one stolen I know. I read the article on it

Any have an idea on how much the leaked copies are if you want to buy them?
just curious.

More than 200 probably.