MW3 Gamesave issues

Hi there. First time poster, long time overwatcher. I have an issue with some gamesaves for MW3.

I did search for a solution, but couldn’t find anything that could definitively fix my issue, so that’s why I am posting. He goes:

I am trying to transfer/mod all game saves (mpdata, gamesave.svg, and spdata) files from my main account (Xbox Live enabled) to another profile (offline, no Live what-so-ever). I extracted the files to my computer from a pen drive, twice for a backup, and proceeded with opening them up in Horizon. I opened a file, mpdata from both save location, taking note which location was for which profile. Then proceeded to check all of the IDs and they’re the same for both files. Then I changed the Profile ID on one of the files to the other profile I want the save to work with (offline profile). I did that with all 3 files. Then I inject them back into the flash drive, and copy them back onto the Xbox HDD. Then I back out to the dashboard, remove the flash drive, then load the game. Now comes the issues.

When the game loads, it loads just fine. Then I go into multiplayer with my offline profile, then to split-screen. Once on the menu (lobby screen), it shows my rank at Lvl 1 no prestige. But on my main account it is Lvl 56 Prestige 1 with the same save. Then check the other areas, campaign, no progress made, Spec-Ops, no progress made.

Is this possibly from using game saves from an Online account, while trying to use the exact same saves on an offline account? The only reason I am trying this is to see if I can transfer game saves from one account to another on the same Xbox with an offline without corrupting anything before trying to do it with my main account.

Any ideas? I basically start from the beginning of each mode. Should I extract the file from the original con file, and inject that into an original file from the offline account? Or would that even be possible?

Gonna try some stuff out while waiting for a response. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I am still fairly new to Xbox modding. Can’t figure out how to use a hex editor. Maybe I need to learn how. lol.

Edit: Got the issue fixed. Figured out I needed to extract the file from the Contents tab from both profiles’ saves, then inject the file from my Online profile into the file for my offline profile. Now I am Lvl 56Prestige 1 on both. Now I will do the same for both other files, then I will start modding to get the veteran campaign done and the spec-ops survival. If all goes well, then I will mod the online profile’s saves for the same thing.

Edit 2: Tried using a modded gamesave from the site, worked, then locked up my Xbox in campaign. Wouldn’t work in Spec-Ops survival. Anyway, went back to using my old gamesave. from the Online account, on my offline account. Before it showed the same progress from my main account. Now, I can’t get the progress back. It only shows 4.7% complete on the offline account, where it showed 100% complete on the online account. This I for Campaign. Wondering what I did to f— it up. Using an outside gamesave most likely. I will figure this out soon. I am only experimenting with an offline account to get the hang of all of this before doing single player/offline only mods to my main account.