MW3 Golden Guns & Rank 80!

No confirmation on prestige’s yet though :stuck_out_tongue:

thank god. i hated cod points. there was no skill into unlocking stuff. as long as you had enough money you could purchase the attachments

Ranking up your weapons to give them better attributes could make more problems, but I like the sound of it. I liked the CoD point system, but I won’t be sorry to see it go.

Rank 80? Oh my god. I might not prestige, just wait for the MW2 mods to return to MW3.

This is pretty much stuff already stated and what we already know.

They won’t…

LOL @ all the same camo from Mw2 + gold.

come up with some new camo.

Profiency on your weapons should be fun, but that could cause so much annoyance for the players who get it like christmas when everyone who pre-orders it gets high profiency levels already for better attributes.

Why Infinity Ward? WHY?
You were the last chance the Call of Duty series had!
I like the customization but leveling up each gun? Proficiency? 80 Levels? All these attachments and stuff?
I want simplicity. All of these things they are adding make it just too confusing.
I want 5 killstreaks max. 5 attachments. 5 perks for each (5x3 slots). 5 Guns. 5 Maps. 5 Game modes. 5 Custom Classes. 5 Levels. 5 prestiges.
All of that = Best CoD ever
Alright some of that might be over exaggerated but seriously? Where is the CoD4 simplicity you said you would base this game on?

I have to agree with you on that.

I completely agree!

What? They have the same camos from MW2 which we love.

And Gold is from CoD 4…