MW3 GPD editor

I am trying to find a gpd editor, either made for mw3 or just for general editing. I have found plenty of links to gpd editors but they all lead to megaupload.

I’m not sure if there is a current .gpd editor, i will contact you if i find one.

Alright thanks

What kind of mods are you expecting from the .GPD file?

But you can modify some SP data and then you can modify some MP stuff, but they are pointless.

Here :


MW3 GPD Prestige Editor | Se7enSins Gaming Community

I want to try this…

That first 1 is dead

Do you have any idea how stupid that topic sounds like ?

"2) You need to search the online part in your GPD ( I wont explain you !!! )
3) Save ans go online "…

btw you cant add any DVARs to the .GPD.