[MW3 Lobby] Infections [ DONE 4 AWHILE ] [ MOD CLOSE ]

Lobby status: Closed

Sorry people. Maybe when i start hosting again.

Online you spelled knockback wrong, knockback is the correct way to spell it.

Lol, i have you on my friends list. That didn’t take long. But, Speed? Didn’t hear about that infection. Enlighten me.

Im going to get back on S*xbox for this <3…

Im going to appear offline because of leechers. thanks

Edit - Does this work online?

Yup i added you i wanted to check out your lobby

Did you ever join? I’m hosting it now if you wanna check it out.

And, what’s this about Speed?

I am going to be adding speed in to my mods…

If you get it to work, mind sharing it with me? :smile:. I’ll keep it private, meaning i won’t share it with others.

Sure… we should start a hosting team


Super Jump doesn’t work??

It’s coming soon, sorry should have been more clear.

Superjump is not infectable. It doesn’t work, Dvar won’t stick after leaving theater.

And, OnlineGaming, is that your video? Why does it says 15th. And it’s not “JTAG MODS” Because all of this is being done a retail. :smile:. Be more clear. People get confused, easily.

It’s just to attract more attention to the video…

Well then, that makes you a liar, and a fake. Fame *****. :laughing:

I was in you mom’s 15th lobby last night, the hit box she has was umph. Jkjkjk. :smile:

That’s not funny. And i have suddenly lost my respect for this. Lair.

Lobby Back Up & OPEN

Join The Gamertag: i iz Kyle

so after you join the lobby the hacks stick to yours as well?