MW3 NEW TITLES, EMBLEMS (15th Prestige Title)

Is this for Xbox 360 to or is it just Ps3 ?

It is for all platforms. Xbox 360 , PS3 and PC.

:confused: Never playing Mw3 ever again they’ve screw me over to many time’s

BF3 All the way now <3

Thanks for the info

Why do they make them look so alike? #BORING

And did they do the update yet?

I’m not sure if your saying that in reference to this post. If you are, how is extra prestiges screwing you over. You don’t have to keep prestiging.

Looks pretty cool :smile:

this is a joke ! ? omg i dont think to prestige anymore for these :anguished:

Yes, i understand this i am not dumb that is a option

i am saying they screw me over well here’s the story

  1. They reset my perstige token’s and x2 xp ( this was amazing i was so happy )

  2. I played all night long and ended up perstiging and everything amazing K/D

  3. next moring… i get on and they gave me my token’s back so i was - 9 tokens and gave me my x2 xp back ad reset my level to when they took it all

i was lvl 43 7th

when i play i made it to lvl 23 8th

next moring lvl 43 7th perstige

i called them they said that they couldn’t do anything for me and that i was basicly screwed and left out -_- i could go on and on with problems but that would be off topic…

to the next 11- 15 perstiges/ perstiger’s

i hope you enjoy it i love the 11th emblem and everything good luck to those who make it to 15th <3

ill be on BF3 tearing **** up with a Jeep and my hole sqaud of friend’s.

this update better come on console >_>

I really wont be bothered going that far.

I lol’d at 1:25 “The four main characters of this game”

Ghost is dead…

To sum this all up, and you might want to put this in the OP.

Open Me

There will be 10 new prestiges. 10 new emblems and 10 new titles to follow them. Those other emblems will be Call of Duty Elite bonus emblems most likely acquired through guild challenges or guild operations. It hasn’t been specified when they will be released to the public, prestiges or emblems as they had no official announcement for them by Activision.

Well they’re trying to tell you to take a break every now and then, lol.
It’s happend to me twice.

This is not theory anymore im tenth on mw3 and on cod elite it says you are ready for 11th prestige level 1.

Can’t wait for this to come out for Xbox