MW3 Online Multiplayer Level

Ok Whats your lvls and if any of you have prestiged '
me by my self i have prestiged once lvl 21

You’ve already prestiged and are level 21?
Well I guess we already have an unfair advantage.

Already prestiged?
holy ****…

[details=Open Me]

^^^^^^Werido lol[/details]

level 1… until the 8th

Level 12. I’mplaying the story mode…

i have played for about 24 hour un stopped and now this is what i am my time play is 13 hour and i have around 2500 kill

Don’t you mean 24 hours NON stop?

Sorta pathetic :S

oh sorry i havent slept well

You know your life is bad when you’ve prestiged on a game that’s not out.

Pic because I don’t believe it. I’ve been playing with a lot of big youtube commentators for the past 2 days and they are only in there 60s and 70s.

I’m a level 53

Play with mee lateR? i kind of suck, im only a level 13 or 14 lul.

I’m pretty sure he could care less if you believe him or not.

I’m pretty sure he could care less if you believe him or not.

I agree. I call bull. Chris has been playing this non stop because we all know he has no life, and he still hasn’t gotten close to prestiging.

I am level 36 I think.

Good job keep it up and ignore all these people being negative and asking for proof

lulz Prestiged already. Sucks for you when they reset the servers on the 8th. :laughing:

That would be awesome :smiley:

Dont take it to seriously. Its just a game.

I think there resetting everyones level on the 8th.

Yup, most likely going to reset everyone.