MW3 Prestige - Token - Weapon - XP Unlocker Mod Tool


This tool allows you to mod Prestige - tokens - weapons - XP - and much more!

Vac Status: Safe if you only use it in Barracks, so don’t use it while you are ingame !

Use it at your own risk, if it has the same system as in mw 2 you can’t get banned for using it

To fix the 1 kill kick glitch just hack tokens and buy double xp from the prestige store that should fix it !!!

This is just a quick update ! I will make more functions later for example level each weapon ( put in your own xp ) and more

How to use it:
-Run mw 3 and go to barracks
-Run the stat changer and change whatever you like
-look in mw3 if it changed
-close stat changer and go online and play some matches it should save after a few games

-Change your Prestige ( it should save )
-Change your Experience ( should save )
-Experience list
-Token hack
-all Weapon lvl 31 When using it, you only see the xp bar full then go in a game and use the weapon you want to be lvl 31 finish the match and your lvl should be lvl 31

New Features:
-All perks pro
-A lot of titles and emblems you need to play 3 or 4 games to unlock them all
-Add some custom classes
-All accolades All accolades will be unlocked but only with just 1 accolade

-@lolbie (for coding everything)
-@Shckr57 [for all accolades , challenges ( all titles and emblems ), Perks offsets]

Download: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Virus scan added:

Umm can you provide some proof that it works?

And everybody if you are hesitating to use this tool because you do not want to get banned or virus then use at your own risk but the chances of you getting caught are high


wait, are you serious?

Its for pc if thats what you’re thinking.

It’s for PC lol

“LOL” I believe its for PC. Assuming you read the post it states “Vac Status”

Oh thank god

I just saw the GUI and didn’t think it looked very legit.

Virus scan ?

Well this IS under the Xbox 360 section.
This can be seen as decieving

Y u no state that only for pc?!?

I wish my PC ran my copy…

not going to lie, that looks like a straight up rat/keylogger gui if you ask me

Anyone used this yet ?

i have my steam copy but i dont want to get vacced lol i heard they take all your games :confused:

The background for it makes it look even more legit.

Only with pc why

Just by reading the tutorial you should find out that it’s PC only. I mean he did say that you have to run BOTH programs at the same time.

Thanks lol

Posting a picture of a virus scan is like using a picture of a condom for sex. It’s worth ****. How about you actually post a link to the scan:

VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

any update on how safe and if this works?