MW3 Single Player Editor

Hey guys, me and Hetelek just made this editor to mod your Single Player data file for MW3. You can mod your XP and stats for Spec Ops. we may add more stuff later, not sure yet, but if you find any bugs please post them, thanks.

Download Executable
Download Source

Enjoy :wink:

If you mod your XP will the rank move up also?
Or do you have to set it just behind 50 and kill someone?

Very nice :smile:

I cant get this thing to load it says It has stopped as soon as i clicked it

am option to unlock emblems and titles would be awesome, doing this already unlocks everything in my survival armory :thumbsup:

How can I even unlock titles and emblems for it without modding?

Don’t know what you mean, but when i did mine to a lvl 50 with the correct stats, all my weapons and armour is un locked, except the title and emblems…i can post my save here if you want

Nice apport man i will download it right now , anyone know if some one can make a 10th lobby ?

I’m asking how do you unlock them in the game?

oh my bad, well i am guessing just by playing spec ops, maybe with each star earned you unlock one…not sure…here is my save anyway

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I might be being a complete noob here but what file do i place in this program?
Where do i get the SPData file?

Multiplayer data for “blah blah blah”

I have 2 svgs. How can I tell which is which? Like for Survival and for Campaign.

Open it up in the package manager, and there should be a file in there called spdata…

hi, im kinda a newb in this, so i start the program and then,lol what file am i supposed to open then?

Your spdata file. In the device explorer go to Games -> MW3 -> Multiplayer Progress and then open that file up in the package manager, and extract the file in there.

I think he means how do you start it in general, won’t even work for me. “Program not responding” as soon as i try and start it.

you have many great programs, with the same style design. i like it. i think you should make a mega MW3 mod tool. that includes all your mw3 programs. hope i gave you an idea :smiley:

It works fine for me and everyone else, at least I think. It must be something with your computer, possibly your framework.

Gah, i got reset lulz