MW3 Title Update?

I just got a title update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, does anybody have any info on this?

I didn’t!

Me ether, I might have to goto the menu or turn my xbox off.

Yeah, Randomly got disconnected and had to update.

I got one as well.

In the middle of campaign… DAMMIT IW.

I did a dashboard and no update.

this is technically TU2, that’s been out since release date

There wasn’t a update on release. Plus this was posted 40 minutes ago

Certainly not out since release date, 04/11/11 is clearly today, my bad.

Yea buddy :wink:

Yeah there was

Derp? Just cause it was posted on that forum on that day doesnt mean It was released then.

i didnt get one either, even after dashboard

My friends have got it, but I didn’t get it yet so I just turned my xbox of to see if it would work.

Please post back if you got it, everyone else but one of my friends did not get it and we cannot play online with him because he did not get it.

Me and my friends haven’t got the update yet. We tried dashboarding it too.
My one friend disconnected and had to update. he cant play with us. lawl

My friend just got it.

Nope I didn’t get it :anguished: Now just have to play spec ops till get the update.

Just got it. I was 22 and 4 and then got disconnected. Damn you Infinity Ward.

I was 6-1 in S&D… Still going hard when I got d/c’d…