MWR Cheats not applying in game

Cheats are not activating when selected on the app. Downloaded through steam. Need help.



Probably Modern Warfare Remastered O.o

Yes, modern warfare remastered. The steam file location will not work for whatever reason.


@STN :stuck_out_tongue: i think you developed the trainer for MW remastered

Yeah, i did as well

Oops sorry, he did the other cod got confused.

By not activating you mean they don’t stay blue? Must be an update, which cheats aren’t working?

Let me try to explain. I can find the MWR folder through steam but I cannot find the .exe file anywhere inside it. I go through my program (x86) files to find the game data but I cannot. I can launch the game by choosing that location and the button will change from “start game” to “end game”. I proceed to enter a level and then active the chest. The sound plays. No chest applies in the game even though the sound played and the button changed from “start game” to “end game”. Oddly enough, I cannot close MWR via the trainer. It will not communicate properly.