MxS MW3 Editor v1.1

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Modern Warfare 3 Dvar List

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You know there is one in Horizon, right?

Nice Program… I’ll stick with Horizon’s though.

does projectile include bullets?

It’s just a dvar but i’m not sure what it included. I’m pretty sure you can still get hurt by bullets, so I guess not.

That’s not going to stop me from creating my own program.

Hang on… Does this have more than Horizons?

What does developer and cheats do?

My program does nothing different then Horizon’s. You need to realize that all the mods are created by Adding/Removing/Editing dvars (besides all weapons.) I added more presets then Horizon has, but you can still add those dvars with horizon.

Seems legit, I just don’t have a save to mess with right now.

I dunno how to add DVARs so this really helps.

Mind explaining the developer and cheats options?

It enabled Developer Mode, and allow cheats that are usually protected.

Adding dvars is simple. Just go to the Advanced tab and input the dvar with it’s value.

Setting: jump_height Value: 999 [Add] then Hit Save File.

Yeh but I don’t know any DVARs

What is developer mode?
And I know how to add dvars, my problem is I don’t know what dvars there are


Nice program.

I’m sticking with horizon

Have fun with that. No need to announce it. People these days…

Link says that the file (editor file) was deleted.

Sorry, I was uploading v1.1 which is now available.

Is the link broken?
EDIT: Nevermind